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About Owner Direct Vacation, LLC.

The short version is that we are owners who started this program because our rental agent's fees were getting out of hand.   Living in PA we had hard time controlling the costs and decided that there had to be hundreds of owners like ourselves that were frustrated also.   We broke away from the agent (charging 30% commission!) and started advertising on VRBO &   The rental inquiries came flooding in and we immediately saved money by not paying those high commission rates & booking it ourselves.   However, mailing the keys and contracts became cumbersome and sometimes frantic as a last minute rental would come in.  We were unable to meet our renters face to face as well.  We also had no control over cleaning problems, appliance break-downs, and unforeseen issues with maintenance.  

So.....we started calling other owners, off of VRBO, (a few hundred) to ask what their problems were.  And alas, they were the same as ours: cleaning was # 1 complaint of their renters,  AC complaints, refrigeration, theft, no inspections, no knowledge of booking , replacement of items, mailing the keys got expensive, (especially if sent overnight) and just not having anyone here at the beach to rely on.  We moved to North Myrtle 9 years ago and opened the office on May 28, 2009.   We now have 70 properties that we manage, rent, and provide services for.  

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, LLC, provides vacation property owners an alternative to the high commission costs of rental agencies.  Since our owners pay no rental commissions, their guests receive quality accommodations at affordable prices.

ODVR is a membership organization, ODVR provides its member owners with all services they require to rent and service their property. Linen, cleaning, maintenance plus unique marketing programs are provided to the owner members to help them book their rental properties. We are located on Hwy 17 South, in North Myrtle Beach, so we have high traffic visibility. We service walk-ins as well as reservation rentals, both long (Winter) and short term. We manage under 100 units throughout the Grand Strand in order to maintain and control our properties with the high standards we live by.  

If you are tired of paying HIGH RENTAL AGENT COMMISSIONS and not happy with your current services, take a look at the options for membership. Our Mission is to provide outstanding service to our members and their guests and provide thousands of dollars in cutting-edge Internet Marketing technology to every member property, plus putting all the commission money back in the owners pocket as well as passing the savings on to their guests!

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals 1610 Hwy 17 South North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-272-3535

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