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Owner Direct Vacation Rentals (ODVR) has now established itself as one of the most unique, efficient, and successful vacation rental companies on the Grand Strand. We operate a small but effective rental business model and our superior property management skills allow us to customize and devote the time needed to each rental property, guaranteeing owner success.

We are efficient, and very experienced management company with staff extremely knowledgeable in the local vacation rental industry.

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Our limited size and business rental/management model allows us to customize and devote the time needed to achieve greater net income on your investment while maintaining care of your property. We strive to keep our unit numbers controlled to ensure the movie satisfactory experience possible for owners while providing exceptional rental revenue. This boutique style management (small number of units in close proximity, geographic location)has given us the ability to accomplish great results for owners and guests!

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Owner Direct Vacation Rentals removes the stress of owning a vacation home. Our limited membership size allows for the personal service that makes all the difference to you and your guests! We find you the right guests at the best rates and provide great customer service. No commissions, no contracts, Low or no-cost maintenance, and in- house professional cleaning are just a few ways we ensure our owners are provided superior service at a reasonable cost! Because Owner Direct is local, your home gets the representation it deserves. We want you to relax while we market your home everywhere today's guests are looking!

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